# PlantUml

Bob -> Alice : hello
uml diagram uml diagram
node in as "input"
node p as "Pre-processing"
node fm as "Feature Mining"
node fs as "Feature Selection"
node fr as "Feature Reduction"
node m as "Modelling"
node a as "Accepted Results?"
node pp as "Post-processing"
node o as "Output"

in -> p
p ..> fm
fm ..> fs
fs ..> fr
fr ..> m
m ..> a
a ..> fm : no
a -> pp : yes
pp -> o
uml diagram
  |Required Steps|
  :"Start Assignment";
  :Create Git Repo/Overleaf;
  :Copy Down Questions;
  :Initial Barebones Commit;
  |Required Steps|
  :"Answer Questions";
  :"Submit Assignment";
  :"Update Local Repo";
  :"Update CENG4B Notes;
uml diagram
 (*) --> [File System ] "input.json "
  note left
  1. Read Entire File into memory
  end note
  -->[Available Memory]"JSON data loaded in memory"
  note left
  2. Process file
  in memory.
  end note
  note right
  When loading a file into
  memory to be parsed as
  JSON or CSV, we’re limited
  by the max string size
  in Node.js: around 536 MB
  as of Node v8
  end note
  --> [File System] "output.json"
  note left
  3. Write transform data back into system
  end note
  --> (*)
uml diagram

# Solidity Diagraph

uml diagram
strict digraph cool {
  exists [color=blue]
  authenticate [color=blue]
  get [color=blue]
  authenticate -> require
  create -> UserCreated
  destroy -> require
  destroy -> UserDestroyed
  get -> require
uml diagram
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